Welcome, I'm Beverly Novotny, the artist at ABCrafts & Gifts.
I live in a suburb southwest of Chicago, and have been painting
for over 15 years.
A self-taught  painter, over the years, I have refined my techniques
by attending seminars and classes, and now am certified in
several techniques.
My elegant glassware and other painted items have been a hit at
local craft/gift shows over the years.
Wanting to share my passion for painting, I have also been
teaching classes, in groups and privately.   

Great care and time goes into each piece I create.
I hope that you'll take the time to browse the site and
contact me if I can paint something for you.

I have been selling our painted glassware locally for the past 12
years, and have now decided to expand my horizons and
offer it to you, via the Internet.

Since all of the glassware is hand painted, each item is totally
unique in pattern and coloring.  Quite often, the glassware is
painted especially for YOUR order.
I take great pride in the originality of each piece I paint.

You may purchase from our color/design options, offered on
Designs page, or you can contact us so I can paint your
selected piece to your color specifications.

Thank you for visiting my site, let me know what you think.

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Oak Lawn, Illinois
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