ABCrafts and Gifts
Hand painted gifts for all occasions

Product care

All of our glassware is hand painted.

The paints are very durable and washable.

They are heat-set to make them more resilient.

The paint manufacturer states that painted glass can be
placed in the top rack of the dishwasher.
However, keep in mind, that many dishwasher detergents have
some harsh components in them that may fade
some of the vibrant colors.
Though, some customers, that have put them in the dishwasher,
have told us that the difference in coloring is minimal,
some others have had problems.

I just want you, the consumer, to be aware of all possibilities.

Most of our customers prefer to hand wash the glassware in mild
soap and water, to avoid any potential problems.

I hope you enjoy your glassware,
as much as I enjoyed painting it for you.